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Dev-AICTE Online Grievance Redressal system  helps you to solve and dispose all types of  grievances effectively.

Web Integration

AICTE Online Grievance Redressal can easily integrate with your existing website or an app with requires customization procedures.


AICTE Online Grievance Redressal is compatible with a vast range of browsers, hardware and operating systems used in the PC, laptop, and smartphones.


AICTE Online Grievance Redressal is accessible 24X7 from any location. The students/staffs/and other stakeholders can easily get access and input grievances in minutes.

Safety & Security

AICTE Online Grievance Redressal can handle the safety and security aspects of the stakeholders. Advanced Cloud security systems protect the privacy and identity of the complainants. Hence there is no fear of backlash or risks while submitting the grievances

Digital Solutions
Boost your Success

AICTE Online Grievance Redressal has an advanced system of filtering out FALSE and malicious complaints. The Admin can keep instant and consistent track of the genuine complaints and their follow up procedures.  

Active Installs

Our Team

We have developed the AICTE Online Grievance Redressal System with the latest cloud based technologies that offer maximum protection, privacy, accuracy, consistency, and versatility of grievance input. The complainant can input the information at any point of time. The system can create admin and subordinate groups for assigning the grievance handling tasks from to bottom. It is easy to operate and completely protected from every sort of potential internal and external risk.

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